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mexican food vancouver washingtonThe Tostada is a perfect example of good Mexican food vancouver washington. The cuisine revolves around local ingredients and spices as well. The Tostada will sear a flour tortilla and then top it with select ingredients. The concept is actually quite similar to toast, since it is served open faced. That differs from the burrito or taco option, which folds the shell around the ingredients. A stale flour tortilla can be used to make the Tostada. The stale bread is often used to make toast in the morning. Make good use out of the stale tortilla shells and save on money. That is a smart move and one made by a lot of families in time.

The toppings for the Tostada can vary quite a bit. Typically, meat and cheese are piled on top of the Tostada. one of the best Mexican food Vancouver Washington  That adds a savory element to the flour shell and provides some sustenance as well. Then diced tomatoes and avocados can be added on top. Spices and sour cream can also be included for the dish. Guacamole is sometimes served on top of the other ingredients. Consider a mild or hot salsa to add on top of it as well. That all combines for a fun experience and a delicious treat as well. Guests at home can actually choose their own ingredients to put on top. That is a smart move and can bring together family at the table. The fun experience has wowed people who want to give that a try in time.

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Consider buying all of the ingredients from a local grocer. The ethnic stores often carry many of the prime ingredients. A bag of flour tortilla shells can be found for cheap. Vegetables and cheese are also sold at a low price tag. Buy items on sale to max the cooking budget.